Wood application

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Wood Application


-2 stipple roller sleeves per gallon (Included with purchase of textured gallon) or short nap roller, like a 3/16” mohair or similar for a smooth application.

60 grit Sandpaper

Xylene OR Solvide

-Stir stick or electric paint mixer

-Roller Tray

-Cloth or sturdy cotton rag

-Paint Gloves

-Household non-chlorinated detergent, like Spic n Span

-3M Blue tape (Optional)

-Paint Respirator (Optional)


Surface Prep

-Clean the surface thoroughly, with a non-chlorinated household detergent

-Rough up the surface with 60 grit sandpaper

-Wipe down the surface with xylene or Solvide on a cloth and once completely dry, apply the Durabak.


Application Process

-Do not open can until surface is prepped and ready to go. 

-Then open can and stir well.

-Pour a portion into a roller tray and begin application.

-Roll on first coat using Durabak stipple roller sleeve.

-Use a paint brush in corners and hard to reach areas. 

-Stir occasionally while working with the product. 

-Keep lid on can while not in use.  



Wood can be very absorbent, and usually requires an additional coat for a full Durabak finish. If you are working with old or dry wood it may end up soaking up a lot of Durabak, so we recommend using either our indoor product for those base coats or a latex primer that is compatible to save money.

1 gallon of smooth Durabak covers roughly 50 square feet in a 3 coat application.

1 gallon of textured Durabak covers approximately 40 square feet in a 3 coat application.


Good to Know

-Durabak begins to cure with exposure to air, so minimize exposure to air while working with it.

-The consistency of the Durabak should be runny, as it’s self leveling. If it’s thicker, you can add up to 15% xylene to thin it. It should be mixable after adding the xylene and back to a runny form. If it’s pasty and thick, DO NOT APPLY, rather reach out to us for assistance.


-You will have a few hours of work time once the can is opened (3 to 5 hours normally).
-A second coat can be applied using a stipple roller sleeve after 1-2 hours, once the first coat is touch dry.

-After second coat is applied allow 24 hours before walking on it.  Complete cure is about 5 or 6 days, so no heavy use until then.


Additional Tips

-Temp should ideally be 60 degrees or above for the application, and above 40% humidity.

-Xylene should be applied immediately to clean up any misapplied Durabak.

-If taping off, use 3M Blue tape and remove immediately after second coat is applied at taped off edges, then continue with general application of the second coat.