Durabak Adhesion Test

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Durabak Adhesion Test


Before applying Durabak, always do a small test for adhesion:

-Clean surface thoroughly with a non-chlorinated detergent.

-Roughen surface with 40-grit sandpaper

-Wipe with Xylene or Solvide

-Once completely dry, apply 1st coat of Durabak

-Once touch dry (normally 1-2 hrs), apply 2nd coat of Durabak

-Let dry for a couple of days.

-Take a screwdriver and try to peel the Durabak off the surface. (The Durabak isn’t fully cured yet, so you should be able to get under it).

-If it comes up in small pieces, you have a good bond.

-If it comes up in sheets, you need to prime with something compatible with the substrate, and which can be overcoated with a polyurethane.

-Repeat the adhesion test with the new primer.