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Long Term Shipping Container Protection

shipping container home

Using a shipping container for your home, office, shop or storage is a smart move. Shipping containers are cheap, tough, big and simple. By using shipping containers instead of traditional building you’ll be saving time and money and a bunch of other head-aches.

Shipping containers come in a bunch of sizes, from 10 to 40 foot in length and can be purchased from just a couple thousand dollars. There’s no shortage of them either, there are more than 20 Million shipping containers out there!

Shipping containers are built tough, designed to withstand the rough weather out at sea, high winds and endless water. They are also designed to stack high and that means they’re strong. Shipping containers also make an ideal Faraday’s cage protecting the contents and occupants from lightning bolts.

Disadvantages of Living in a Shipping Container

It’s not all good tho, steel is a conductor so don’t expect to be insulated from heat or cold too well in your shipping container home. Poor insulation then attracts moisture inside the container to condense on the thin metal walls, and that means rust.

To meet Australian government quarantine requirements, most container floors when manufactured are treated with insecticides containing copper (23–25%), chromium (38–45%) and arsenic (30–37%). Before human habitation, floors should be removed and safely disposed. – Wikipedia

Shipping containers are not built intended for human habitation, so toxic paints, solvents and even chemical cargo spills must be dealt with.

Preparing Shipping Containers for Human Habitation

Before buying the shipping container, ask to go inside it in broad daylight and have them shut the door. Don’t get scared, it’s not for long. Wait a minute or two for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and then look around for any light peeking through a hole. No light means no leaks, yay. Try and get on top of the container and check the roof, the side walls are tough, but the roof is not. There could be a lot of rust on the roof due to sitting water, so you have to check it out.

In order to make your shipping container a safe and harmless place to live, you need to invest a little. The first thing you want to do is remove the floor, it’s deadly. Then give the whole thing a really really good clean.

Now you are ready to add the secret ingredient to your shipping container home. Durabak.

Durabak’ing Your Shipping Container

We mentioned the chemicals, the rust, the moisture, the insulation and not even the ugly color – but it all gets taken care of. Durabak is a unique and easy to use paint that is perfect for shipping containers. It’s one part, so you’ll save loads of time, and it’s tough. Durabak, as used by the US Navy, will form a polyurethane membrane around the container steel. The membrane will insulate the occupants from sound and heat, protect the steel from water, acid, chemicals and UV. Durabak is also a fire retardant and environmentally friendly.

You can chose from 16 stock colors and even mix them together for a unique tint. We recommend using White Smooth Durabak 18 paint on the roof of the container, it should reflect the Sun nicely. It should also fill any small welding gaps and hairline cracks for added water resistance. You can see how to apply Durabak onto Steel here.

We hope you’ll get to enjoy your shipping container home, office, gym or whatever for many years to come with Durabak protection.

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Protecting a Steel Liftgate against Corrosion

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like working with a truck without a lift gate. Sure, if you’re only driving in and out of loading bays you don’t think of it, but for the rest of us, an enclosed trailer with liftgate is no luxury.

You powered lift gate is the second most important part of your truck, after the engine. If that thing goes, you can forget about delivering anything. Besides the motor that folds and unfolds, raises and lowers the platform itself is very important. We’ve all seen those videos of what can happen to you and your cargo when things go wrong.


So in order to benefit for the longest time possible from a reliable lift-gate you need to take good care of it. Steel lift gates are popular because of their price, but there’s a reason Aluminum demands a premium and gets it too.

Aluminum is lighter and stronger and won’t rust. Steel is cheap, but the added weight is a strain on the motor, and over time rust can eat at the metal and make it weak. If you want to stop steel from rusting in a long-lasting treatment suited to the outdoors, you will need to apply product. The best product will protect the steel from moisture, air and much more without compromising the lift gate – or, ideally, improving it.

We don’t want to cover or wrap the steel lift gate with anything too heavy or it will only limit the capacity more. The other thing is grip, diamond plate is great n’ all, but some genuine grip wouldn’t go a miss! Read more about choosing a tail gate here.

Durabak to the rescue

Some of the world’s greatest trucking companies have discovered the benefits of Durabak. Used on the floor and walls of their enclosed trailers and especially on the lift gate, Durabak is the ultimate solution.

Developed to be water, saltspray, acid and chemical resistant, Durabak offers a tremendous level of protection. Unlike other paints, Durabak seals to form an impermeable membrane. Durabak come sin smooth and textured versions with crumb rubber granules for tons of grip, so not only do you gain light weight unbeatable protection but also loads of anti-skid.

The Polyurethane formula of Durabak is a strong anti-corrosive available in 16 colors. The unrivaled strength, trusted by the US Navy, won’t flinch at pallet trucks or forklift trucks maneuvering all day long. Durabak is formulated to stretch and flex without cracking, when we consider how steel reacts to temperature change this matters. Because steel and iron expand when heated, the Eiffel Tower in France, is about 6 inches taller in the summer than the winter.

How to Apply

Durabak is a DIY product, it’s super easy to put on. It’s a one part, moisture cured polyurethane, so no need to measure out and mix in other ingredients.

Durabak application prep. is a simple three step process; first clean and scrub your tail gate, get out any oil, remove any loose rust. Second, scuff. Take a 40 grit sandpaper to every inch of it and get scuffing, use an orbital sander, remove any rust and corrosion you see. You’ll be left with bare steel and perhaps some rust. On the rust, if there is any, apply some rust converter. On the bare steel use metal etch primer, Zinc Phosphate is great.

As soon as that is done, you just wait for the first third of the over-coating time – usually 12-24 hours, and then open your Durabak. Durabak already has the color, crumb rubber and everything in the can, you just need to stir. Give it a good stir for 5 minutes and then pour a quart or two into your paint tray. Use the special blue stipple roller to roll on a thin coat over every inch of the tail gate. Wait until it’s touch dry, usually an hour or two, and then apply the second coat. You can keep going and add more coats, if forklift trucks regularly drive over the tail gate a third coat is advised. You can add plenty of coats and not disturb the liftgate operation on your liftgate truck.

Keep your newly protected tailgate clean and dry for 24 hours, we suggest doing the application before a quiet weekend. Best not to use the tail gate or pass loads over it for 4 days after the Durabak application. Then, you can enjoy your tail gate for many many years to come.

If you have any questions about Durabak for your application give us a call on 303-690-7190

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Everything you ever wanted to know about bed liner, but were afraid to ask

Bed liner is not typical paint, and it’s not just truck bedliner either, so there are lots of questions, here are a bunch of them and their answers.

Will bed liner stick to wood?

YES. Durabak is a polyurethane product that is a bed liner that can be used on wood, all types of wood! Wood might be absorbent tho, so be warned that you may require 3 coats, so yes, Durabak bed liner will work on wood!

Will bed liner stick to chome?

Durabak can adhere to bare metals like chrome, but you need to be sure you are dealing with actual chrome and not just metallic painted plastic. but either way, Durabak can bond to either of those with correct prep. Here’s the prep.

Will bedliner stop rust?

Durabak is formulated to bond to itself and form an impermeable membrane. If there is no live rust underneath the Durabak, then, if properly applied, Durabak will prevent water, saltwater and any corrosive getting to the metal substrate and thus prevent rust.

Will bed liner stick to Aluminum?

Durabak is a popular product for coating and protecting Aluminum, however bare Aluminum should be primed with Zinc Phosphate or Metcote before the Durabak is rolled on.

Will bed liner stick to plastic?

Plastic is used all over modern vehicles and the good news is that it’s easy to prep, 60 grit scuff and a Xylene wipe and you can roll Durabak bed liner straight onto it.

Will bed liner work on fiberglass?

Durabak is a favorite among hobbyists and boaters for coating and protecting their fiberglass campers or boats. Prep is easy and Durabak will protect your fiberglass for many years.

Will bed liner stick to concrete?

The good news is that you can get that amazing slip-resistant Durabak texture on your concrete flooring too! Durabak is very tough and bonds extremely well to properly prepped concrete and it suitable for warehouse floors, retail flooring, parking garage floors, loading docks, parking bollards and hundreds of other applications where concrete needs to be protected or made slip resistant, or BOTH!

Will sand blasting remove a bed liner?

We haven’t tried it, but why would you want to??!?! Rattle can bed liner is much cheaper and thinner so that for sure can be removed by sand blasting we think, but it bares no similarity to Durabak.

Will paint stick to bed liner?

So if you want to know “Can bed liner be painted” – here’s the answer. Durabak is polyurethane based, so first of all, if you want to change the color or freshen up your Durabak a new coat of Durabak will adhere to it very well. If you’re just looking for a very specific color or want to create an intricate pattern, then you will find a urethane paint sticks nicely to Durabak bed liner – so yes, Durabak bed liner can be painted.

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Protecting Plywood and Extending it’s Life

Plywood is great

One of the materials we get asked a lot about at Durabak is Plywood. Because of it’s price, strength and weight Plywood is an extremely popular material. Plywood structures are designed to last many years, but often the wood itself will decide the fate. So, protecting plywood means protecting a larger structure, like a boat or a trailer or even a house.

Plywood isn’t perfect

Plywood is more expensive than other types of wood, because of greater strength, waterproofing and lighter weight than others. The best way to protect plywood  involves adding as little weight as possible whilst protecting the wood itself. Although good plywood is often water-proof, it is not water-repellent and will eventually give way because of water damage, rot or mold.

Whilst Plywood is very strong it isn’t unbreakable and, after repeated impact, will eventually snap.

Plywood can be improved

Customers reach out to us to lengthen the lifetime of plywood and protect it against all these abuses with Durabak. Designed to embed itself into the wood, and not just lay on top of it, bringing you years more use, Durabak is the product you have been waiting for.

Whilst you can simply roll other paints onto the wood, Durabak requires a heavy scuff of 40-grit sandpaper. Durabak will seep into the fibers as the wood absorbs the polyurethane. With another 2 coats of Durabak you have effectively created a wood-polyurethane alloy. The Polyurethane of Durabak acts as a rubber membrane embedded into the wood and reaching out onto the surface of the panel.

How Durabak works

As the Durabak cures into the wood forming incredibly strong chemical bonds, your wood has been enhanced with an embedded coat of super-strength rubber. Durabak cures to form a completely flexible material. Imagine the difference between a pair of cotton pants and a pair of cotton pants with 5% lycra. Durabak is like the 5% lycra which adds movement, flexibility and impact resistance. Durabak cures to form a water-resistant impermeable membrane, when painted on all sides, it’s almost like wrapping the plywood in a rubber balloon. Durabak seals the wood so that water, acid, chemicals, salt-water spray, gasoline and more cannot get through.

Durabak for Plywood

Let’s just see what a veteran wood worker, Cat Meier, says when she discovered Durabak. After 21 years of professional wood-working, and experience with every product on the market, she was so blown away with Durabak that she just made this video about it!

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Durabak is perfect for kitchen cabinets, wooden floors, boat floors, enclosed trailers, stairs and furniture. Durabak is available in indoor and outdoor formulas, Durabak 18 will protect wood from the elements, sun and UV rays for many years. Available in 16 colors, self leveling and resistant to so many hazards, Durabak is the treatment you are looking for to save or protect your plywood.

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Protect and Repair your Inflatable Boat Dinghy

If you have invested in a good inflatable boat, you’ll want it to last for years, this is for you.

For the purposes of this article we are going to make a distinction between cheap inflatable toy dinghys and good quality inflatable boats. Inflatable toy dinghys are made of plastic that is barely thicker than a balloon, they’re great for kids or to have some fun riding the waves at the beach. However, a toy dinghy will blow away or pop before long, so don’t get your hopes up. They are great fun for riding down carpeted stairs in, if my childhood memories serves me!

toy dinghy

If the rubber is thinner than paper, you can stop reading now.

Hypalon Vs PVC

When you venture into the world of good quality inflatable vessels you will come across mainly 2 materials. The inflatable tubes will be made of either PVC or Hypalon. PVC is plastic material with some good tension, so at a high quality it shouldn’t stretch and should definitely hold air-pressure. PVC is still fairly thin, so it is not impossible to pop and will wear out after not too long. Hypalon is a totally different material, used by the military, much heavier and harder wearing than PVC. Hypalon on the other hand is less air-tight and you may find a significant amount greater loss of air pressure with Hypalon than with PVC.

Using that boat

Obviously the only thing keeping that boat afloat is the air inside and a puncture is all it takes to end your lake trip with a disaster. It isn’t too hard to imagine a fishing hook snagging on that boat and tearing a nice hole through the tubing leaving you with a long swim to the dock! But it’s not only fishing hooks. Ragged rocks and broken bottles floating in the water are just two of many hazards that could seriously dampen your weekend (pardon the pun).


In an ideal world you could just make the boat material thicker, much thicker and stronger. Adding more layers of protection to the vulnerable inflatable parts of your boats isn’t just a dream. This “paintable” inflatable dinghy cover is for you. You can upgrade your boat with the system used by the US Navy and US coastguard.

Smooth Safety Yellow Durabak on Hypalon


With some simple preparation you can easily apply a number of coats of Durabak to your vessel. Durabak is used by the US Navy on their Nuclear Aircraft Carriers and warships so you can be confident. When applied according to instructions Durabak forms an impermeable membrane. It protects your kayak or raft against salt water spray, UV rays and any harsh weather.

You can use a simple paint roller to add as many layers of polyurethane Durabak as you wish. You can chose from 16 colors to create a unique look. Choose textured Durabak for areas of the boat that need extra grip for or extra abrasion and impact protection from rocks etc.

Durabak is totally flexible and is ideal for an inflatable boat as it will help hold in the air. With Durabak you protect the PVC or Hypalon from abrasion and impact to add years it’s life. You can also redesign your raft with your own look from the 16 colors. Durabak is also used as a bed liner where it withstands the impact of tools so you can be confident that your dinghy is being protected well.

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Creating a Regulation ADA Ramp, yourself

These days not only are you helping customers and protecting yourself with an ADA ramp, but it helps business. These days search engines like Google will rank you better for making your establishment more easily accessible to disabled persons. You’ll also make life easier for parents with baby carriages.

The good news is that you can usually do it mostly yourself.

Some Math

An ADA ramp cannot exceed 1:12 incline, that means that for every 12 foot in running length the height of the ramp can increase a foot. So measure the height of the floor level that the ramp needs to get to and times it by at least 12 and you have the length of your ramp. If you want to make the use as easy and comfortable as possible go for a lighter slope like a 1:14.

You also need to make sure that runs are not more than 30” and if the height at the top is more than 6” you will need hand rails on each side. Here’s a graphic that might help.

The ramp needs to be at least 3 feet wide of clear open running space, but better to go wider so that parents can pass each other with their carriages. You can find more details of the minimum requirements at this site

Plywood is a great and cheap material to work with, it’s strong but you can’t take any shortcuts with an ADA ramp. But your ramp will see a ton of traffic, from wheels feet and who knows what else. You will need to both protect the wood and provide a slip-resistant surface across the whole ramp. Ideally the paint would protect the ramp from rain and impact.

That’s why you need to coat the ramp, in it’s entirety, with Durabak.

One of the reasons why the US Navy uses Durabak on the decks of their Nuclear Aircraft Carriers is because it’s incredibly tough and resilient, yet it’s also very grippy and easy to patch up.

Durabak is a polyurethane product which you can apply just like paint. Unlike paint it forms a rubber-like layer of protection on the surface it is applied to. Because the Durabak adheres to steel, concrete, paint and itself it creates an impermeable membrane, almost like shrink wrapping with heavy duty rubber. Durabak is available in smooth and slip-resistant textured finishes with real rubber granules for added non-skid. Durabak is available in 16 colors including safety yellow and bright red and can be mixed or tinted to achieve any color.

It’s easy to apply Durabak you just need to prep the surface and then roll it on. Durabak is one part, so you don’t need to mix in hardener or reducer, color or texture – truly foolproof. You’ll get a really great professional result with rollers and it will last for years and years.

Durabak is used by some of the nations largest retail brands. It’s also suitable for slip-resistant flooring for foot traffic or vehicle wheels where a slip can be costly. Aluminum, Wood, Fiberglass, Concrete, Steel and other materials bond well to Durabak and can be protected for years by a standard 2 coat application.

If you think that Durabak might be helpful for you give us a call and talk to an expert about it today on 303-690-7190

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Protecting and Fixing up Loading Docks and Loading Bays

Loading docks and bays are a magnet for damage. No matter the size or volume, you can’t expect trucks to back into them day after day, hour after hour, and not rip them to shreds. Combine the impacts of hundreds of bumpers and the dropping and bouncing pallet trucks, trolleys and goods and damage is unavoidable.

Worn out and trashed loading docks are not good for business though. Truck drivers need to see the docks clearly, and when the paint has fallen off with the concrete their lives get harder. You also need to make sure the floor on the dock isn’t slippery, regardless of the conditions, or you could be in for even worse accidents.

Different ways to Protect

For these reasons you’ll often see a shiny dock kitted out with diamond plate steel, chromed like a wannabe sports car. The problem is that the steel isn’t necessarily so easy to see, it’s also expensive and can cause damage to the trucks if they make any errors during parking.

Just painting all the concrete and hoping for good drivers is an optimistic plan at best but can leave you with a lot of dust and rubble to sweep off the ground at the end of the day.

What’s needed is something tough yet flexible, something that can be applied anywhere and everywhere it’s needed, easy to patch and bright.

Durabak for Docks

One of the reasons why the US Navy uses Durabak on the decks of their Nuclear Aircraft Carriers is because it’s incredibly tough and resilient, yet it’s also very grippy and easy to patch up.

Durabak is a polyurethane product which you can apply just like paint. Unlike paint it forms a rubber-like layer of protection on the surface it is applied to. Because the Durabak adheres to steel, concrete, paint and itself it creates an impermeable membrane, almost like shrink wrapping with heavy duty rubber. Durabak is available in smooth and slip-resistant textured finishes with real rubber granules for added non-skid. Durabak is available in 16 colors including safety yellow and bright red and can be mixed or tinted to achieve any color.

It’s easy to apply Durabak you just need to prep the surface and then roll it on. Durabak is one part, so you don’t need to mix in hardener or reducer, color or texture – truly foolproof. You’ll get a really great professional result with rollers and it will last for years and years.

Durabak is used by some of the nations largest retail brands to protect the parking bollards from the non-stop impact and stay bright red and highly visible to motorists. It’s also suitable for slip-resistant flooring for foot traffic or vehicle wheels where a slip can be costly. Aluminum, Wood, Fiberglass, Concrete, Steel and other materials bond well to Durabak and can be protected for years by a standard 2 coat application.

If you think that Durabak might be helpful for you give us a call and talk to an expert about it today on 303-690-7190

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Upgrade your CM Truck Bed

If you have a flat bed truck bed from CM Truck Beds or anyone else, this article is for you.

Unlike standard truck beds that either do or don’t get a lot of use and abuse, flat beds are there for a reason. No matter what you haul around, your flat bed is getting a lot of wear and maybe even tear. Flat beds are great for their strength and flexibility, they increase storage area and have hundreds of advantages. However, after a few years of heavy loads, sharp and hard cargo and exposure to the elements the fine shine of powder coat can start to lose the fight.

Better Protection

If you’re interested in upgrading the protection of your truck’s flatbed this article is for you. If you want to maintain the metalwork and keep it rust and scratch free for your truck or a whole fleet then read on.

Some of the best selling truck beds in the country are powder coated which makes them look great and even withstands a certain amount of abuse. Yet if you want to upgrade the bed and make it last way longer, add grip to hold your load in place and add real scratch resistance you need Durabak.


Durabak is a unique one part polyurethane coating which is applied just like paint. Durabak is not paint tho. Durabak cures to form a thick “rubberlike” surface that protects the truck from corrosion, saltwater spray, inclement weather, rust, scratches and even dents. Durabak is so tough that it’s used by the US Navy on the decks of their Nuclear powered Aircraft Carriers!

The Durabak 18 is UV resistant so it will last whatever the weather, plus it’s available in 16 colors so you can not only change the look of your truck, but you can even design something awesome and unique! Textured Durabak does a great job of gripping onto your cargo to prevent it sliding across the bed, it’s also helpful when you need to walk on it when wet and don’t want to take a tumble.


Durabak is super easy to use, anyone ca achieve professional results with it. When you purchase Durabak you pick the color and texture, so that you don’t need to add anything in the can. Durabak is one part, so you don’t even have to pour in hardener or reducer, it is moisture cured and will set all by itself with exposure to the air.

Durabak bonds to most materials including metal, aluminum, wood, fiberglass and painted surfaces. For your truck bed you’ll just need to clean it up with a thorough wash, use Spic and Span or another non-chlorinated detergent, then sand it down with 80 grit and wipe down with Xylene. That’s all the prep that’s necessary. Once the Xylene is dry and the bed is perfectly clean you can roll on the Durabak yourself. After an hour or two the first coat will be touch dry and you can apply the second coat.

Give it a whole day to dry and then wait another 4 days before you start the heavy use. After 4 days the Durabak will be locked into your bed and won’t lift, chip or peel for many many years. Lengthening the lifetime of your truck or the entire fleet.


To speak to a Durabak expert about how much Durabak you need or any other question give us a call on 303-690-7190 or chat with experts live on our website




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Do It Yourself RV Roof Repair

If you’re like most people you don’t want to be stuck at home all year long. You probably like to travel and change your scenery once in a while. There are two ways to do that, you can either be a spoilt yuppy and go to hotels and motels, or you can bring your beds with you. The best way to do that is to get an RV or a 5th wheel trailer or even a camper.

Holidays are best in an RV, but

The thing is that RVs are actually way more expensive than hotel rooms! The trick is buying something older and fixing it up, and then having the freedom to travel wherever whenever you want.

However, RVs are not built like cars or even trucks. Whilst they often share engines, driveshafts and transmissions with other big selling vehicles, it’s the body panels which can be a weakness.

Over the years, travelling often in hot and dry weather or withstanding some rough campsite storms the parts of your RV can start working themselves apart and then the trouble starts. Ask anyone with an older RV and they’ll tell you that leaks are an unavoidable part of life. Whilst you don’t need to worry about leaks so much in the Arizona Summer, you probably don’t have a big enough garage to keep that thing dry the rest of the year.

Keeping it dry

The secret to a long lasting RV or 5th wheel trailer and hassle free ownership begins with a well sealed and protected vehicle. The difficulty is that you want your RV to look good, colorful and eye-catching. Not just for the attention, but it improves safety when other motorists and even Bears can spot you from a distance. Just caulking all the gaps is miserable and ugly, not to mention that it doesn’t really last properly.

The better alternative is to coat and protect your RV or camper with Durabak. Durabak is a military spec. polyurethane coating used by the US Navy on the decks of their ships and aircraft carriers. Durabak comes in a can and can be rolled on just like paint. Unlike paint, Durabak is a super tough and resilient coating which cures to form an impermeable layer that can encapsulate the whole RV. People compare using Durabak to coating your whole RV in a tough layer of rubber.

Durabak has other advantages too, first of all it’s easy to work with, it’s one part so you don’t need to mix in hardeners, and reducers. Durabak is also available in a range of 16 colors and you can mix those colors together to get the look you want. Durabak colors have another advantage over inferior Polyurethane coatings in that they are UV resistant. With Durabak you can be confident that the Sun won’t fade out, dry or crack the material in the coming years and they’ll stay looking fresh and bright.

Durabak on your RV Roof

One of the reason people fall most in love with Durabak is the option for a textured finish. If you like to go up on the roof of your RV and don’t want to slip off, you want to go for Textured Durabak. It’s embellished with crumb rubber granules inside the material, they add a ton of grip and give you sure footing at 14 ft of the ground. Combine that safety with a material that fully seals and secures your camper for many many years and you know that you’re onto a winner.

A con of smooth Durabak 18 will cover 75 square feet in 2 coats and help seal up the roof. Durabak adheres to Fiberglass, Metal, Painted surfaces, Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber and more so you can just roll it on across all the various parts and sections in one go. The Durabak bonds with itself really well too which improves the sealant effectiveness of the coating.

Dan H. from Upton Kentucky has this to say about Durabak – he coated his entire 30 year old motorhome with Durabak in 3 colors and couldn’t be happier.

An older motorhome that does NOT leak! All of these seams are sealed! This thing gets LOTS of attention. It is 30 years old and like most older RVs the enemy is not milage or mechanical, it is water and leaking. These things are basically aluminum siding screwed together, and over time every seam starts to leak. Not mine! Durabak flows into every seam, and has sealed it totally and every RV owner who has seen it had basically the same comment. That is genius!

Dan coated his RV with Brown, Tan and Cream Textured Durabak 18


Although this classic 3 tone design looks great on Dan’s motorhome you can be more creative. Durabak has nice bright colors including bright and brick red, safety yellow, bright and sky blue, Orange, Military Olive and Forest green and more. Just use 3m Blue Painter’s tape to tape off the design and you’re only restricted by your imagination.

So, don’t wait, order some Durabak now and make your RV great again!