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Join tens of thousands of happy truck and boat owners who have never looked back since discovering Durabak, now they’re just itching for new things to coat with Durabak. One after another, folks are falling in love with this easy to use product that makes them feel like professionals because of their amazing results.

The Best Part: You can coat just about anything with Durabak YOURSELF. Durabak bonds to the factory paint on your truck, and bare metal. Durabak adheres amazingly to Aluminum, Fiberglass, Wood and Rubber and you can Do It All YOURSELF.
Protect Truck Beds and Bodies from Impact and Scratches Choose from Smooth or Textured, Indoor or Outdoor and 16+ Colors.Easy to Apply, Professional Finish and Looong Lasting Results


Dear Fellow Truck Owners,

I used to be like you, I used to use the bed of my truck like an extension of my garage. You name it, it was in there. I didn’t just have tool boxes, I had tools rolling around! One time I had some bricks in there that were left there for 2 months! Oh Boy did they wreak havoc! I foolishly thought that my drop in liner was protecting my truck just fine, well forget that.

It turns out that water was getting right under my drop in liner, through some tiny holes and also through the hole for the anchor points. Well, let me tell you, that bed was rusted worse than you can imagine. It was even moldy! We went at it with a pressure washer and scrubbed for a whole weekend. I must have laid on 3 bottles of Ospho Rust treatment!

I went out shopping for something that I could rely on that wouldn’t break the bank on my 8 year old F150. I found some spray on bed liners, they were in big rattle cans and I was excited to use them. At first I thought it would be amazing, it looked great when it went on, and I let it cure for a full 2 weeks. Then we went shopping and the wife threw in the shopping bags, well that was a mistake… When we took out the shopping we saw that a can of something, probably beans, had managed to mark the spray in bed liner!

Well you gotta be joking! I had to get that garbage out of my truck, and that was a really frustrating Sunday, let me tell you! I should have just thrown more cans of food at it!

So, now the hunt was on for something that can handle real life use, not just look pretty but also stand up to what a truck bed is SUPPOSED to stand up against. I started spending time online, speaking to folks and doing loads of research.

I found out about the poly-urea spray in liners, they cost a fortune and have to be done in their special locations. Worse is that they are so thick and heavy that they take up bed space and weigh down the truck. I also saw a video online of a guy literally peeling that stuff off his truck bed like he was peeling an Orange! No thank You!

I figured that, if I didn’t want to break the bank I’d need something I can do myself, that would give the same or similar level of strength and toughness as the poly-urea stuff. I found lots of brands and products but each of them had some huge minus that just put me off.

One product faded in the Sun, No thank you. Another product wasn’t really textured, but you used a special roller to make it ‘look’ textured, you gotta be kidding me! On and on my search went and I was just getting frustrated. There had to be SOMETHING out there for a guy like me! I mean, there must be other folks like me who want to protect their truck bed and don’t want to spend $700!!!

Finally something caught my eye. It wasn’t really a truck bed product, but it was EXACTLY what I needed. Durabak was being used by the US Navy on the decks of their most important warships. I liked where this was going already. The Navy can’t use thick, heavy poly-urea on all it’s warships because the equipment needed to apply it just cannot work on an Aircraft Carrier. The Navy needed something that is as portable as a can of paint and can be applied by any soldier with no special training and no more equipment than a roller… I was finally on to something.

Durabak ticked all the boxes, it was Mil Spec so I knew it was TOUGH. I also know that your boots have to be polished in the Navy, so the floor would have to look perfect too. I checked and it was light weight, UV resistant so no fading and it could be rolled or sprayed on. This was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED FOR MY F-150 BED.

It turns out that the Navy loves it because it’s so heard wearing but also repairable at Sea, they don’t see cracks, chips or peeling because it’s acid, chemical and weather resistant.

Here’s what they said in the service report on Nuclear AC Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt:

“… no rust around pipes, hangars or drains,… no visible rust on any deck surfaces,… coating did not appear to be lifted or delaminated … coating was “subjected to heavy use by hard-working, dirty personnel…”

From the USS George Washington:

“coating… found to be in excellent condition… with no deterioration of any kind… no problems or concerns with this deck coating… no complaints concerning the texture of the deck”

Does it get any better than that! Then I caught myself, what an idiot I was, I thought. This stuff must cost a fortune! Deck coating on nuclear AC Carrier!! What was I thinking!?

But, I decided to check the pricing anyway, just for the sake of comparison … and guess what!? It’s less than I was planning on spending! I was sure that I would need to spend $200 -$250 on product to get this done, and it was $119.95!! Boom, I bought it on the spot!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could even pick which color I wanted! I went for Dark Grey because it’s battleship grey and then I could tell everyone that this is not just the same color as a battleship, it’s the same freakin’ product!

I couldn’t wait for the Durabak to come, I was excited like a kid at Christmas when the FedEx guy came. I checked the prep guide and decided that I was going to start at 5 am the following Sunday. Well let me tell you, Sunday couldn’t come fast enough!

The prep is simple, and I was so pumped that it felt like it took 10 minutes even though I think it really took a few hours. You just go ahead and sand down the bed, get off all the clear coat. I still had plenty of clear coat shining away where the drop in liner hadn’t caused the rust. I used 80 grit on the whole bed, got every inch of it scratched up and ready to go.

I was getting a bit too enthusiastic with the blue painter’s tape and was thinking of creating a pattern in the truck bed, but then realized I only have 1 color of Durabak – so I just taped off all the edges, hinges and bolts. There was dust everywhere so I blew it all away and discovered some shiny parts that were hidden by the dust, so I did some more sanding.

I used Solvide to prep the surface, that stuff wreaks! Luckily it was a beautiful day here in Maricopa County so we relocated the job outdoors so as to not poison ourselves with fumes. I had to wipe the truck down a few times, nearly used the whole quart, until the cloth came back clean. But the moment of truth was finally about to arrive.

I really didn’t know what to expect with the Durabak. I had my hopes set on some sort of miracle product, but I did not know what that would be like to work with. It didn’t start off well, the can was almost impossible to open. It was even a little dented which wasn’t great. I later found out that the only way to make the Durabak last long enough for it to be usable by folks like me is to seal it in a very high vacuum so there’s a ton of pressure on that can, which is why it’s so hard to open and so quick to dent.

Finally I pried off the lid and it just looked like regular grey paint. I got my mixing drill and started stirring for 5 minutes, like they say, to get the rubber crumbs back in the mixture. It was thick, thick like maple syrup, but not too heavy. I liked it already.

You gotta close the can when you’re not stirring or pouring it out into the paint tray, as it is formulated to cure fast.

I had the 4 inch funny roller sleeves that came with it and was ready to go. Well, when you start rolling it on, you figure why trying to protect your truck bed with aerosol spray is just stupid.

It was going on so nice, not too thick like they said, but it was looking great already. The first coat was still showing my original blue paint which made me a little nervous. But I waited to see what the second coat would do. Sure was worth the wait.

The second coat goes on as soon as the first is touch dry, you can already walk on it with socks. The second coat made all the difference. This looked INCREDIBLE. I just couldn’t get over how perfect it looked, nobody would believe me that I did this myself, and they’d NEVER believe how little it cost!

When the blue tape came off it just looked too good to be true. The color is GORGEOUS and the texture just makes the bed look incredible. It’s amazing how nicely it went on just with a special roller sleeve! Later I found out that it’s self-leveling and apparently that helps it look so professional.

This time I couldn’t wait 2 weeks because I had to move a big Maytag washing machine on Friday less than a week after doing the Durabak on Sunday. I was nervous as heck, but buying a new Maytag would’ve cost about 4x more than the Durabak, if I had to buy it instead of getting it off a friend of the wife who just replaced it with a new one, so I decided that it was worth the risk.

It turns out that there was no risk! Not only did the big machine do NOTHING to the Durabak, not a hint of a scratch, nothing, but those rubber granules actually help the thing firmly in place for the whole drive. I forgot I had a 120 pound clunk of machinery in the back cos it didn’t budge an inch the whole time!

When that washing machine was slid out and I had accepted that I would just need to recoat, and instead I found that it was still perfect I was blown away. I must have told 50 people about Durabak over the next few days, everyone I met thought that I started working for the company! haha. But I wanted them to know about it!

But I’m not the only one that loves this product, since I searched for something and discovered Durabak thousands and thousands of people have used Durabak on their trucks. But not just truck beds!

They started selling Durabak without the rubber crumbs in it so it’s smooth product. Well I wanted this for my wife’s SUV. The clear coat was peeling on that thing, it looked just awful and let’s just say she isn’t the best at parking… Also I was just itching for another project to do with Durabak! We went for Red this time, she refused to let me add racing stripes (her loss) but the results were still great.

I didn’t even think of it at the time, but after a few months she commented how happy she was with the Durabak. It wasn’t like her to say something about things like that so i asked why she suddenly remembered it, eventually she came out with it. She has been bumping and scratching and all the good stuff, today she really thought she messed up the paint and saw that it’s all still good.

I had scratch proofed her SUV

This was like a religious moment for me! I almost felt like crying when I realized that Durabak meant that our SUV wouldn’t look like a dodgem car! She was super chuffed too but women don’t like to talk about these types of things I guess. It was still a revelation for me.

Ironically, the last thing I ended up coating with Durabak was our boat floor. The old carpet was just nasty and a nightmare to clean so we ripped it out not even knowing what we were going to use instead. The bare Aluminum was way too slippery and got hot as hell under foot and I was once again at a loss about what to use to coat the boat’s floor.

Then my wife made a comment about how the car isn’t so hot to touch in the blazing Sun as it used to be with the original paint. I suddenly realized that I was such a fool! Durabak! I need to Durabak the Boat!

This time I got to have some fun. I ordered textured and smooth light Blue for the bits that need loads of grip and smooth white for other areas. I used a first coat of textured on the parts that needed grip and went over them with the smooth light blue. The boat was AMAZING. I couldn’t be happier, and now I had a boat coated with the same material as the US Navy!

The Durabak is incredible at keeping the floor cool and gives us tons of grip. It looks just beautiful and everyone asks about it. I’m going to send in pictures with this review so you can see why I’m so excited even all these years later, this stuff is gold and I just go round telling folks about it all the time. You have a really great product and I cannot recommend it highly enough, thank you.

Because we LOVE Durabak SO much we’ve worked hard to get it for you at the lowest price possible, yes this is the lowest price Durabak you can find anywhere, in fact we are promising that this is the cheapest Durabak available anywhere by offering a money back guarantee. If you find Durabak cheaper anywhere else, we will refund you DOUBLE the difference. Meaning, if you buy Durabak for $1 less anywhere else we will give you $2 – as long as it is the same Durabak (size/color/finish). Yes, it’s that simple, just buy here now and you have 30 days to find somewhere, anywhere that sells Durabak cheaper than here – in fact, you probably won’t even find it for the same price!

So go ahead, you can start searching now, and don’t worry, we’re even cheaper than the competitors WITH THEIR COUPONS – we don’t ask for coupons, we just want you to enjoy this AMAZING product. Our lowest price guarantee Durabak is a promise, no need to wait for a Durabak sale, Durabak is always on sale at nonslipcoating.com. So just buy now and have the peace of mind that you know you got the best price, because nobody wants to be taken advantage of.

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